Artificial Grass Wisbech
All you need to know about fake lawns in Wisbech
fake grass

We Love Artificial Grass

Synthetic Grass is now a very realistic product and even up close it is sometimes hard to tell it apart from real grass, especially at the quality end of the market. The days of plastic-feeling grass are well behind us. Yes, those are still available if you want a really cheap product, but the vast majority of options are incredibly soft.

Hate Your Lawnmower?

If there's one thing that drives us mad, it's looking after a real lawn. It's the same everywhere across the UK and in Wisbech. Even when spring doesn't seem to have appeared, and you're wrapped up in ridiculous layers of clothes, the grass still insists on growing. And growing. And growing.

With a fake lawn all these problems just go away and you have a perfect surface all year around!

Many of the national suppliers will now come direct to your home and lay your new lawn, so you have a really wide choice in Wisbech.

Do It Yourself?

synthetic grass There's huge competition in this field of home improvement. There's no doubt that there are plenty of nationwide companies who can install artificial grass in Wisbech.

But you can also buy it from most local garden centres and even some DIY companies. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to be able to install it yourself. Just take it slow and think every step through.

Using Fake Grass

Wisbech fake lawn These days there's no end to the imagination of businesses, home owners and builders. The most common uses are back gardens, and of course we all associate astro turf with football pitches.

However the events industry has taken this product to their hearts and you can regularly see it at exhibitions and festivals - and many cafes and restaurants use it to cover their not-so-attractive external areas.

But why else is it so good? It can be very environmentally friendly - no pesticides and weed-killers, no power for lawnmowers, no need to water - there are so many savings once it's laid.

Fake Grass: The Drawbacks

Wisbech astro turf Although there are many many benefits to laying down artificial turf, there are of course some drawbacks.

Hardly a major problem in the UK, but the artificial surface can heat up slightly in very hot temperatures. But it's always fire-proofed so no need to worry!

But why else is it so good? Trust us - artificial grass is a great solution. Why have all the bother of looking after real grass and still be disappointed with the results? Take the next step into the future!