Artificial Grass Tregrehan
All you need to know about fake lawns in Tregrehan
fake grass

We Love Artificial Grass

With more and more artificial grass types on the market it can be hard to know which is the right product to choose - but we always recommend going for the best quality. The days of plastic-feeling grass are well behind us. Yes, those are still available if you want a really cheap product, but the vast majority of options are incredibly soft.

Tired of Cutting Grass?

Real grass looks great when you're a professional gardener with infinite time on your hands, but most people are not that lucky in Tregrehan. Even when spring doesn't seem to have appeared, and you're wrapped up in ridiculous layers of clothes, the grass still insists on growing. And growing. And growing.

The secret to solving all these problems is simple - install a good quality artificial grass!

Many of the national suppliers will now come direct to your home and lay your new lawn, so you have a really wide choice in Tregrehan.

What's The Cost of Fake Grass in Tregrehan?

synthetic grass Artificial grass is a great decision whether you have a family, pets, or just don't want the unending irritation of looking after real grass. But it's important that you get the grass properly installed by a professional team otherwise you may run into issues in the future.

The underlay makes quite a bit of difference to the installation, and various types are available from the very basics which will provide a thin base for the grass through to thicker and bouncier underlays that don't just make the artificial grass feel real, but safer - especially if your children have climbing frames.

Using Fake Grass

Tregrehan fake lawn Although originally used for sport, artificial grass has now appeared in every part of modern life - from front and back gardens, to roof terraces and courtyards, and from retail environments to exhibitions.

The flexibility of this product means that it can be used almost anywhere to clean up or freshen up a space whether inside or out.

But why else is it so good? It's very low maintenance, which makes it an excellent choice for second-home owners who don't have time to mow the lawn every week.

Great Green Grass

Tregrehan astro turf Although a perfect lawn can be a beautiful sight, it's a rare thing. And the effort required to maintain a great lawn takes the joy out of it.

But an artificial lawn will always look and feel great, making your garden the pride of Tregrehan.

It doesn't take long to turn your patchy grass into a green oasis. Generally the new lawn can be laid in a day - perhaps a couple of days if you have a large or complex space.

Most installation companies will offer a free survey and you'll get a good indication of how long it will take.