Artificial Grass Saffron Walden
All you need to know about fake lawns in Saffron Walden
fake grass

Advantages of Artificial Grass

The quality of the fake grass products you can now buy in the UK is very high. From a distance, and sometimes even quite close, it's very difficult to tell the difference. Don't think that fake lawns have to feel like plastic. Of course the grass isn't real, but many products on offer have a very soft feel - unlike the astro turf you may have experienced as a kid.

Bored of Cutting Grass?

It really is a huge pain looking after a real grass lawn in Saffron Walden. It's a constant annoyance to many people - watering it during very hot summers (hoping there's no hosepipe ban), dealing with the bald patches and the mud in the winter, and the never ending mowing.

With a synthetic lawn the frustration just melts away - and you have amazing grass 12 months a year.

The best products are now available anywhere in the UK, as the top grass companies will deliver and install your lawn in Saffron Walden.

The Right Choice For You

synthetic grass Making the right choice is very important when it comes to artificial grass in Saffron Walden. So it's good to know the different styles and choices out there. The astro-turf days where you'd burn your knees on the surface ar long gone, at least for most homes in 2019.

There are plenty of high quality grass replacements that have an incredibly realistic look and feel. Price is a factor for everyone. Especially these days. However even the lower end products are pretty good these days.

Artifical Grass Uses

Saffron Walden fake lawn Maybe you need a little inspiration to think of the best use of fake grass in Saffron Walden?

Other than your lawn have you considered using fake grass on a roof terrace, a balcony or even instead of a patio?The events industry loves artificial grass because it can turn any space, even a large area of concrete, into a fun and safe area for activity.

Just imagine the impact it can have.

The Cons of Synthetic Grass

Saffron Walden astro turf Although there are many many benefits to laying down artificial turf, there are of course some drawbacks.

You can expect your artificial turf to last at least ten years if you install it professionally. And we really recommend that you get the experts in to avoid problems further down the line.

But why else is it so good? Trust us - artificial grass is a great solution. Why have all the bother of looking after real grass and still be disappointed with the results? Take the next step into the future!