Artificial Grass Bourton On The Water
All you need to know about fake lawns in Bourton On The Water
fake grass

Advantages of Artificial Grass

Synthetic Grass is now a very realistic product and even up close it is sometimes hard to tell it apart from real grass, especially at the quality end of the market. The days of plastic-feeling grass are well behind us. Yes, those are still available if you want a really cheap product, but the vast majority of options are incredibly soft.

Bored of Cutting Grass?

Real grass looks great when you're a professional gardener with infinite time on your hands, but most people are not that lucky in Bourton On The Water. Even when spring doesn't seem to have appeared, and you're wrapped up in ridiculous layers of clothes, the grass still insists on growing. And growing. And growing.

With a synthetic lawn the frustration just melts away - and you have amazing grass 12 months a year.

A good number of the largest suppliers will be able to deliver and fit you lawn wherever you are in the country, including in Bourton On The Water.

Quality Has Improved

synthetic grass You need to get it right. After all you don't want the worst fake lawn in Bourton On The Water. Nothing beats picking up the phone and asking the tricky questions. The good news is that the days of hard and painful plastic grass are long behind us - after all, this is 2019.

In fact many of the premium brands have grass products that look very natural and feel pretty good too. Not everyone can afford the highest quality, but you'd be surprised how even some of the mid-range choices can be fool the most hardened doubter.

The Uses of Artificial Grass

Bourton On The Water fake lawn There are a massive list of uses for fake grass. The most common places uses are to replace muddy old gardens and football pitches.

But people also install it on balconies, in offices, on many different types of sports pitch and around swimming pools. We've even see people use it to cover terraces and bathrooms!

But why else is it so good? It's very low maintenance, which makes it an excellent choice for second-home owners who don't have time to mow the lawn every week.

The Cons of Artificial Grass

Bourton On The Water astro turf Although there are many many benefits to laying down artificial turf, there are of course some drawbacks.

Your fake lawn will have a good life, but it won't last for ever. However these days astro turf football pitches can expect 8 years of life, so your back garden should be fine for some time.

But why else is it so good? Still unsure? You can't be! Fake turf is really great. If you don't believe us, get yourself down to a local supplier and feel the difference, you'll be totally surprised.