Artificial Grass Aberford
All you need to know about fake lawns in Aberford
fake grass

We Love Artificial Grass

There are many types of synthetic grass on the market, and some of the very best are very difficult to tell from the real thing by vision alone. Don't think that fake lawns have to feel like plastic. Of course the grass isn't real, but many products on offer have a very soft feel - unlike the astro turf you may have experienced as a kid.

Bored of Cutting Grass?

If there's one thing that drives us mad, it's looking after a real lawn. It's the same everywhere across the UK and in Aberford. It's a constant annoyance to many people - watering it during very hot summers (hoping there's no hosepipe ban), dealing with the bald patches and the mud in the winter, and the never ending mowing.

With a synthetic lawn the frustration just melts away - and you have amazing grass 12 months a year.

A good number of the largest suppliers will be able to deliver and fit you lawn wherever you are in the country, including in Aberford.

Local or National?

synthetic grass You'll find no shortage of people offering solutions for your garden. And the UK has a large number of artificial grass companies with national reach who can install in Aberford.

To save some money you can just buy the raw material and install it yourself. If you buy the right equipment and study a few YouTube videos you'll be able to do a decent job of your own installation. (As long as you take your time and can follow instructions).

The Uses of Artificial Grass

Aberford fake lawn Although originally used for sport, artificial grass has now appeared in every part of modern life - from front and back gardens, to roof terraces and courtyards, and from retail environments to exhibitions.

The flexibility of this product means that it can be used almost anywhere to clean up or freshen up a space whether inside or out.

But why else is it so good? Without pesticides and mowing you're helping the environment. Even grass cuttings are often thrown in the bin and need to be carried away by the dustmen.

The Problem With Synthetic Grass

Aberford astro turf Although there are many many benefits to laying down artificial turf, there are of course some drawbacks.

It's been proven that its a more hygenic surface, as microbes are less happy than on a traditional lawn, yet it's recommended to disinfect the surface every once in a while to ensure that animal 'leftovers' are cleaned.

But why else is it so good? After all this research, you're almost certainly ready to order that grass, and get it professionally installed. The good news now is that many of the biggest astro-turf companies will deliver and install anywhere in the UK, so you can soon have an amazing garden